Link Roundup for 1/26

26 01 2011

Information Wants to Be Free – “What Do They Really Need?”

  • Discusses screencasts versus text tutorials and what most students would prefer in a search process
  • Thoughts: Is there a way to combine this?  Tutorials with searchable scripts?  Sort of a Glifos idea?

Tame the Web – “Being at the Point of Need”

  • The location of where screencasts are placed is important – need to be accessible at point of need; databases are “most difficult, under-utilized, and expensive” library resources; Erik Frierson of UT-Arlington designed a frame around ERIC that contained Javascript popup screencasts related to searching – sadly a dead link
  • Thoughts: Look up Aquabrowser; combining text and visual for multiple avenues of instruction

Tame the Web – “Screencasting to an Audience of One”

  • Students are often unable to replicate searches, why not produce a screencast of a search while showing student how to do it?; screencasts designed to answer specific questions at same moment of instruction
  • Thoughts: Would be great to apply, but probably not for this project; Look up Camtasia, Captivate, Screenjelly, Screentoaster, Jing, Trailfire, Screenr

Resources – Screencasting

  • Lots of lists of screencasting tools, examples of screencasts divided by organization type
  • Thoughts: Go through all free resources and compare

Screencasting and Libraries – Academic Libraries

  • Older (2006) list of academic libraries that use screencasting with links

Videos and Screencasts

SCLS Continuing Education – Creating Online Tutorials with Screencasting

Norwich University – Introduction to Library Resources and Services for Online Students

  • Video tutorials for online students using Adobe Captivate, very general, just walkthroughs of using websites, locating resources
  • Thoughts: Although Captivate has CC, not used

Norwich University – Academic Search Premiere Tutorial

  • Thoughts: Would be nice to have text side by side with video, maybe a split screen thing?



One response

31 01 2011

Hi Kelly,

What a great start! Looks like you are engaging deeply with the task. You might see if you can talk directly to some of the Longhorn Scholars to ask about their needs.


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